I thought a good way to begin was to give a sampling from the week’s clientele. Because confidentiality is always important to maintain,  I’ll have to ask those folks whether or not I can describe their sessions without identifying them. So it will have to wait till next time. However…. a good substitute for the meanwhile, I think, would be some testimonials I have received. So here they are:

Sports Peformance Client

“As I prepared for my seventh Ironman endurance triathlon this summer, I decided to try hypnosis with Kerry to enhance the mental aspect of such an event. Twice before I had very good success with hypnosis for competitive equestrian events and then later in preparation for swimming with 2000 people in my first Ironman.

“I was intrigued with the possibility of improving my ability to tap into my “mental toughness” during an event where physical exhaustion starts to dominate the whole picture. Could hypnosis improve the mind over body aspect of the triathlon, especially during the marathon event (the third part of the day)? And during my meeting with Kerry, we discussed two physical discomforts that have plagued me each of the six previous Ironmen and she felt we could address
those also.

“I can tell you that I had excellent results with just 2 sessions and a CD to listen to! Despite torrential rain (3 inches) all day, I had a great day and when it got tough I tapped into my key “word” and just kept on trucking. And miraculously I had neither of the physical discomforts of the past! That was pretty amazing!”

–female amateur athlete

Hot Flashes Client

“I want all the women I know to understand how easy it was for me to get rid of my hot flashes with Kerry’s help! Hot flashes are such a topic of conversation among women around my age, but I want them to know its no big deal! I met with Kerry once… and listened to the CD she made me of our session as I fell asleep for a month (and even cheated as I actually listened only about half the nights since I wasn’t alone). I have not experienced another hot flash…! I wish all my women friends would have this knowledge so they could overcome the inertia to take the few proactive steps necessary.”

–Elementary School Teacher

Equestrian Client

“G. was 12 going on 13 when she first visited with Kerry. I could
tell she wanted to ride but I could also tell she was genuinely afraid.
Her fears were quite real to her but in the realm of riding horses she
had never really had an experience that would be described as traumatic.

I wanted to help her get over this hurdle and give her the chance to
gain enough confidence to progress in her riding so I suggested she see
Kerry. I thought hypnosis might help. After the 1st session I saw
improvement, by then end of the 3rd session she was well on her way,
riding with much more confidence. The hypnosis gave her a new tool to
recover from a mishap and continue to ride versus becoming fearful and
certain that something bad was sure to happen next.

Now, a few months later; she has moved on to a new bigger mount and is
looking forward to jumping once again.”

–comments from the client’s Mother and Riding Instructor

Smoking Cessation Client

“I was an on-again, off-again smoker for over 20 years. Quitting was a constant struggle and even when I quit for long periods, I still longed for a cigarette. With hypnosis, I finally quit for good and it was easier than any time before. Kerry helped give me tools to use whenever cravings come up, tools that work because of the deep level
of effectiveness that comes with hypnosis. The change is within me. If you’re ready to quit, hypnosis will give you the power and tools to succeed.”

— 42-year-old man

‘Medical’ Client

“I have known Kerry & her work w/ hypnosis through my sister about a year ago. She was dealing w/ menopausal issues that included “hot flahes” & was very happy to relay that she had been helped tremendously & was relieved of all of her symptoms!!! I of course, wanted to be rid of my menopausal issues as well as some neurological lifelong disorders that I have. First of all, Kerry is a wonderful, amazing lady w/ a great sense of humor who knows how to empower you through hypnosis to “remove/relieve” you of what’s ailing you and she did indeed help me greatly!!!! Through our interactive sessions & CD’s that she “tailors” to your needs within 30 days your sysmptoms are gone, if they start to show up months later, play your CD again & regain/re-enforce what you already have learned (that you are in control – that your mind is a very powerful tool) that you too can be helped to overcome whatever it is that afflicts you.”

— Florida woman, referred by her sister


What is the difference between hypnotherapy and psychotherapy? I’m asked this a lot by potential clients or in interviews with the media. I wonder what on earth makes anyone think they’re the same! For me it’s clear and obvious but because the question comes up so often, this is the time and place to clarify it.

Firstly, hypnotherapy deals with physical as well as emotional complaints. That’s the part that seems to surprise the most people. Since 2007, hypnotherapists have participated in the national Pain Week conference, where pain relief specialists from researchers to physicians come together to explore techniques and share methodologies. With the recent scandals surrounding pain drugs, these practitioners are referring back to earlier in the history of medicine when pain was mitigated with the management of perception. That is, hypnotherapy uses the power of the subconscious mind to make conscious decisions about how certain stimuli are experienced as pain. In short, as Dan Cleary says, there is no such thing as pain; it’s how we respond to certain kinds of stresses on the body. He has successfully managed his own pain through hypnosis for decades and teaches others to do the same. I have taught clients to mitigate their own symptoms with his, and other, techniques.

Dentists and others use the ability of the mind to manipulate pain signals for anesthetic purposes. A youtube.com video demonstrated how the pain and discomfort of tattooing can be ignored right in the tattoo parlor by walk-in customers who never had hypnotherapy of any kind before. On the lighter side, Wendi Freisen uses this ability of the mind to manifest physical reality to increase breast size and enhance sexual function.

So, while hypnosis IS head work, the physical stuff we do is as plentiful and permanent as the emotional change we help clients develop.

The second point is that hypnotherapy is task-oriented and creates real change in a short period of time. Psychologists may see clients for years with or without much fundamental positive change occurring. Many clients have, in fact, come to me after spending months or years in therapy because they feel that they just keep going over the same ground without a change in how their emotional state or its manifestation in their lives has changed. That is how I came to hypnotherapy myself: I wanted what I called the advanced course. I knew where my emotional problems came from and how they manifested but my life was uneffected; in fact, in many ways I became more vulnerable to my internal states. With hypnosis, I address a problem and a measurable change occurs.

I have always maintained that if you are seeing a hypnotherapist more than a dozen times for the same complaint, you need to find a new practitioner. With psychotherapy, at 12 visits you’re just beginning. In general, 6-8 visits will overcome most problems brought to me when the client is fully on board and has made a commitment to take responsibility for the change they desire. I think it is important to this result that hypnotherapists plan our sessions; we seldom just ‘wing-it’ and chat the hour away.

The third difference between psychotherapy and hypnotherapy is more fundamental. They deal with the conscious mind and we deal with the subconscious, where habits, mind-body connections, memories, all those internal things are created and develop into day-to-day reality, and thus problems, for our clients. Einstein said something like “you can’t fix a problem with the same consciousness or mindset that created it” but that is where psychotherapy lives: in the same level of consciousness where the problem lives. My own way of looking like it goes like this: mowing the lawn will definitely eliminate dandelions -for a while- but to really affect change, to get rid of the dandelions, you have to take out the root. Hypnotherapy does, by going underground to the subconscious mind and giving the client the true opportunity AND CHOICE to identify the root and pull it out.

If you shy away from the possibilities, this class is for you.

Announcing “Introduction to Alternative  & Complementary Medicine” at UVM’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in Burlington, VT – Instructor Dr Kerry K Skiffington, PhD, DHyp, CHt

This class introduces participants to the variety of alternative
and/or complementary health care options available in our
area. While more and more Vermonters are consulting
alternative providers, they often have little knowledge of what
to expect or how each works. Our medical doctors know even
less, even those who encourage exploration. I explain the
basics of each form of treatment to dispel fears and myths so
you can make good, informed choices.

Meeting Dates: Thursdays, June 7-28
Meeting Times: 5:30–7pm
Instructor: Dr Kerry K. Skiffington
Location: L102 Lafayette – UVM campus
Fee: Members – $60 / Non-members – $85

REGISTER through UVM’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute:

Begins June 7

Skype™ Hypnosis / Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions

With Skype™ and Telephone Sessions, clients who live at a distance can receive the same benefits of a personal hypnotherapist as those who can come to my office.

There are advantages to both in person and phone hypnosis sessions. Hypnosis sessions by phone from Vermont seem to have their own energy resonant with the calmness of country living and the intimacy of small town relationships.

Places where I currently help or have worked with clients in the past

These represent my first steps into phone hypnotherapy. At first I did it because I’d previously met the client or because there was no way to see them in person. I’ve learned:
Florida – a woman whose intense hot flashes were gone in just a session called her cousin in Florida. The cousin had a physical problem that she had always been told “you just have to live with it.” Really? She decided to consult me and even before we met we had some great successes; she continues to consult with me occasionally. This was when I first realized I didn’t have to actually be in the room to help a shut-in or someone hundreds of miles away.

California– a former client moved to enhance his business prospects; we keep in touch regularly. He shifted his emphasis to this new career when hypnosis opened his eyes to what he really could be!

Oregon – a former college professor of mine, with whom I had kept contact, needed help with a number of those newly-named conditions he’d recently been diagnosed as having.

New York City – a friend’s daughter, a designer, lost her husband and needed a fresh start. We started working together when she came to Vermont on a visit to friends; she and her sister, a student in Boston, have both become clients in this way.

Scotland – a friend from my days doing research in rural Scotland wanted to quit smoking once and for all, but I was a continent away. I sent a CD and followed up with sessions via SKYPE™.

Maine – Pennsylvania – New York state – CD’s sent in pre-SKYPE™ days to friends and family of clients 

Call (802) 345-2948 to see hypnosis by phone is for you

One short phone call is enough to learn if I really understand your issues and concerns, what it is you truly want from me. If we click, I will give you an overview of what I can do for you and we’ll set up a time for an initial 2-hour intake session and get you moving toward your life changing goals. It is as simple as that. You will feel as if you are in my living room but there you are, comfortable in a setting you know well and can truly relax in. This gives phone hypnotherapy its advantage over in person sessions.

SKYPE™ or conventional phone communication?

If you have a computer with webcam and have a wireless or ethernet connection, SKYPE™ might be the perfect means of communication. I like it because I can see you and you can see me. This enhances the rapport, the trust, which must exist between hypnotherapist and client ALWAYS. Once you are in session and hypnotized, there will be no need for either of us to see one another so you can just move to the recliner while keeping the SKYPE™ connection and receive the suggestions by voice.

Oh, and the added benefit, of course, is that SKYPE™ is free of any telephone charges whatsoever!

Some clients prefer telephone because it makes it easier to reveal truly intense, emotional, and private feelings and responses. Others are less technologically sophisticated. Still others want to have their phone sessions away from the family computer. For these distance clients, phone is best.

Whichever you choose, I’m there a hundred and ten percent for you as if you were in my office in Vermont.

Online Knitting Retreat: what a high-tech thought!  So I’m going to give it a try. The next Mindful Knitting retreat will be a workshop through SKYPE sometime in January or February of 2012. If interested, comment. Thanks, Kerry

You Are Entering a Stress Free Zone

Knitting for Your Soul March 18 – March 20th, 2011
Middlebury Courtyard by Marriott, Middlebury, VT
This weekend workshop will delight your spirit whether a prolific knitter who is new to mindfulness, or an experienced meditator just learning to knit.
Inspired by Tara Jon Manning’s book Mindful Knitting, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, the Knitting for Your Soul weekend is a time for relaxation, inspiration, and healing from within …and, of course, knitting. We will explore the relationship between knitting and spiritual awareness, finding ways to bring that sense of being present in the moment into everyday life. See how the work of your hands can enrich the world by participating in a group charity knitting project.
We ‘ll begin our days with early morning contemplation & end them by the fire.
$175 Retreat Registration includes

  • A copy of Mindful Knitting from which you will select a project,
  • mindfulness instruction & knitting help
  • 15% discount at Cacklin’ Hens: Yarn, Beads, and Gift Emporium
  • a visit to Lincoln Peaks Winery
  • & pampering opportunities

Registration Deadline: March 12, 2011. $175/person. Mastercard, Visa or personal check accepted. Deposit of $87.50 required.

Send Registration & Deposit to: Dr Kerry K Skiffington, PhD, DHyp, CHt
52 Liberty St., Bristol, VT 05443
(802) 345-2948 / catamount52@gmavt.net
Retreat Cancellations by March 14

Make it a weekend away with your friends or let us pick a roommate
& share the cost!

Enjoy the Courtyard by Marriott Special Overnight Rate of $119/night (plus 10% tax) for either a room with a Single King Bed w/sofa bed or a room with Double Queen Beds. Up to four people per room.
For Reservations contact the Courtyard by Marriott-Middlebury: 802/388-7600 – or – 800/388-7775
and mention Knitting for Soul
Marriott Cancellation 24 hours prior to stay

The Middlebury Courtyard Marriott offers beautiful, climate controlled rooms with wi-fi, heated indoor pool and whirlpool, complimentary coffee/tea/hot cocoa in our Lounge – 24/7. Arrival meet and greet, light dinner Friday, breakfast and Tropical Night Dinner Saturday, Sunday breakfast and afternoon tea included.

The word KNIT means HEALING – Join Us

New Classes in December to relieve the stress of holiday time (that’s a freebie for Cool Yule) and Goal Setting for the New Year – a great way to get started on those resolutions so that THIS TIME they happen: details at……www.HypnosisWorksVermont.com/Events

New Class in Dec. Join us for Goal Setting for the New Year: Get where you are to where you want to be. Together we will create a written plan (like a road map), customized to participants’ individual needs, directing your actions toward the life you want with the clarity of purpose, motivation, and determination necessary to create the life you deserve. PLUS a hypnosis session to plant it in your subconscious. Bring a pen and pad of paper. (Watch the DVD “The Secret” ahead of time.)
Advanced Registration Required; starting absolutely on time because there is a lot of material to cover
Date: Dec. 13
Time: 630-9 pm (2 ½ hrs)
Class fee: 1 3-hr session – $75 through the Rec Dept ($225 when taught elsewhere)

Bristol, VT: Historically Speaking: It will soon be “the Season” so I offer this terrific book of mine as a gift suggestion for friends, family, etc. And please mention to your local bookstore -and now Bristol has one again and on Main Street- that you think they should carry the book: http://www.TheHistoryPress.com.

Got Skype? It’s a great way to get hypnotherapy in your own home! http://www.HypnosisWorksVT.com “skypename” is catamounts252 and tell me how you found us

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