I thought a good way to begin was to give a sampling from the week’s clientele. Because confidentiality is always important to maintain,  I’ll have to ask those folks whether or not I can describe their sessions without identifying them. So it will have to wait till next time. However…. a good substitute for the meanwhile, I think, would be some testimonials I have received. So here they are:

Sports Peformance Client

“As I prepared for my seventh Ironman endurance triathlon this summer, I decided to try hypnosis with Kerry to enhance the mental aspect of such an event. Twice before I had very good success with hypnosis for competitive equestrian events and then later in preparation for swimming with 2000 people in my first Ironman.

“I was intrigued with the possibility of improving my ability to tap into my “mental toughness” during an event where physical exhaustion starts to dominate the whole picture. Could hypnosis improve the mind over body aspect of the triathlon, especially during the marathon event (the third part of the day)? And during my meeting with Kerry, we discussed two physical discomforts that have plagued me each of the six previous Ironmen and she felt we could address
those also.

“I can tell you that I had excellent results with just 2 sessions and a CD to listen to! Despite torrential rain (3 inches) all day, I had a great day and when it got tough I tapped into my key “word” and just kept on trucking. And miraculously I had neither of the physical discomforts of the past! That was pretty amazing!”

–female amateur athlete

Hot Flashes Client

“I want all the women I know to understand how easy it was for me to get rid of my hot flashes with Kerry’s help! Hot flashes are such a topic of conversation among women around my age, but I want them to know its no big deal! I met with Kerry once… and listened to the CD she made me of our session as I fell asleep for a month (and even cheated as I actually listened only about half the nights since I wasn’t alone). I have not experienced another hot flash…! I wish all my women friends would have this knowledge so they could overcome the inertia to take the few proactive steps necessary.”

–Elementary School Teacher

Equestrian Client

“G. was 12 going on 13 when she first visited with Kerry. I could
tell she wanted to ride but I could also tell she was genuinely afraid.
Her fears were quite real to her but in the realm of riding horses she
had never really had an experience that would be described as traumatic.

I wanted to help her get over this hurdle and give her the chance to
gain enough confidence to progress in her riding so I suggested she see
Kerry. I thought hypnosis might help. After the 1st session I saw
improvement, by then end of the 3rd session she was well on her way,
riding with much more confidence. The hypnosis gave her a new tool to
recover from a mishap and continue to ride versus becoming fearful and
certain that something bad was sure to happen next.

Now, a few months later; she has moved on to a new bigger mount and is
looking forward to jumping once again.”

–comments from the client’s Mother and Riding Instructor

Smoking Cessation Client

“I was an on-again, off-again smoker for over 20 years. Quitting was a constant struggle and even when I quit for long periods, I still longed for a cigarette. With hypnosis, I finally quit for good and it was easier than any time before. Kerry helped give me tools to use whenever cravings come up, tools that work because of the deep level
of effectiveness that comes with hypnosis. The change is within me. If you’re ready to quit, hypnosis will give you the power and tools to succeed.”

— 42-year-old man

‘Medical’ Client

“I have known Kerry & her work w/ hypnosis through my sister about a year ago. She was dealing w/ menopausal issues that included “hot flahes” & was very happy to relay that she had been helped tremendously & was relieved of all of her symptoms!!! I of course, wanted to be rid of my menopausal issues as well as some neurological lifelong disorders that I have. First of all, Kerry is a wonderful, amazing lady w/ a great sense of humor who knows how to empower you through hypnosis to “remove/relieve” you of what’s ailing you and she did indeed help me greatly!!!! Through our interactive sessions & CD’s that she “tailors” to your needs within 30 days your sysmptoms are gone, if they start to show up months later, play your CD again & regain/re-enforce what you already have learned (that you are in control – that your mind is a very powerful tool) that you too can be helped to overcome whatever it is that afflicts you.”

— Florida woman, referred by her sister