Hypnosis Works classes this fall include the usual smoking cessation classes, once a month on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from Oct thru Dec and some new offerings. This is the tentative schedule for those offered by the Bristol Rec Dept in Bristol, VT. Other workshops meet elsewhere. Go to http://www.HypnosisWorksVT.com for more info.

http://www.BristolRec.org or (802) 453-5885 to register

#1 Title: Quit Smoking With Hypnosis 3 sessions offered (choose only one)

Class Description: Become a permanent non-smoker, if you choose to. Participants will be taken into hypnotic trance to change the belief that they want to smoke, and release that urge with both physical and psychological replacements.  Participants leave with a CD to listen to at home. Love yourself enough to work the program for 30 days. Advanced Registration Required

#2 Title: End Toxic Niceness and Learn to Say “No”

Class Description: I wonder…. how good it would feel to say ‘No’- to your boss, to your kids, to your mother, in a way that stops other people from having control over you but is polite and thoughtful. This class teaches women how and why to end doormat-ism in a way that respects others and, most importantly, themselves! Advanced Registration Required

#3 Title: Non-Religious Meditation for Stress and Depression

Class Description: Research shows that meditation can reduce stress and depression. This is a course for beginners to learn to meditate without the religious component. Techniques include quieting the mind, mindfulness (on the model of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as taught at UMass Medical Center, and finding the time to put regular meditation into the daily life of busy people. This is NOT self-hypnosis but is a good starting point if you wish to learn it later. Advanced Registration Required

#4 Title: Goal Setting for the New Year

Class Description: Get from where you are to where you want to be.

Together we will create a written plan (like a road map), customized to participants’ individual needs, directing your actions toward the life you want with the clarity of purpose, motivation, and determination necessary to create the life you deserve. PLUS a hypnosis session to plant it in your subconscious. Bring a pen and pad of paper. (Watch the DVD “The Secret” ahead of time.) Advanced Registration Required

#5 Title: Annual Relief from Holiday Stress!

Class Description: Bliss in the midst of holiday madness  Enjoy a simple session to teach yourself a simple way to ground yourself, remember what’s important and what your holiday is really about. The holiday season can and should be enjoyed.