Skype™ Hypnosis / Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions

With Skype™ and Telephone Sessions, clients who live at a distance can receive the same benefits of a personal hypnotherapist as those who can come to my office.

There are advantages to both in person and phone hypnosis sessions. Hypnosis sessions by phone from Vermont seem to have their own energy resonant with the calmness of country living and the intimacy of small town relationships.

Places where I currently help or have worked with clients in the past

These represent my first steps into phone hypnotherapy. At first I did it because I’d previously met the client or because there was no way to see them in person. I’ve learned:
Florida – a woman whose intense hot flashes were gone in just a session called her cousin in Florida. The cousin had a physical problem that she had always been told “you just have to live with it.” Really? She decided to consult me and even before we met we had some great successes; she continues to consult with me occasionally. This was when I first realized I didn’t have to actually be in the room to help a shut-in or someone hundreds of miles away.

California– a former client moved to enhance his business prospects; we keep in touch regularly. He shifted his emphasis to this new career when hypnosis opened his eyes to what he really could be!

Oregon – a former college professor of mine, with whom I had kept contact, needed help with a number of those newly-named conditions he’d recently been diagnosed as having.

New York City – a friend’s daughter, a designer, lost her husband and needed a fresh start. We started working together when she came to Vermont on a visit to friends; she and her sister, a student in Boston, have both become clients in this way.

Scotland – a friend from my days doing research in rural Scotland wanted to quit smoking once and for all, but I was a continent away. I sent a CD and followed up with sessions via SKYPE™.

Maine – Pennsylvania – New York state – CD’s sent in pre-SKYPE™ days to friends and family of clients 

Call (802) 345-2948 to see hypnosis by phone is for you

One short phone call is enough to learn if I really understand your issues and concerns, what it is you truly want from me. If we click, I will give you an overview of what I can do for you and we’ll set up a time for an initial 2-hour intake session and get you moving toward your life changing goals. It is as simple as that. You will feel as if you are in my living room but there you are, comfortable in a setting you know well and can truly relax in. This gives phone hypnotherapy its advantage over in person sessions.

SKYPE™ or conventional phone communication?

If you have a computer with webcam and have a wireless or ethernet connection, SKYPE™ might be the perfect means of communication. I like it because I can see you and you can see me. This enhances the rapport, the trust, which must exist between hypnotherapist and client ALWAYS. Once you are in session and hypnotized, there will be no need for either of us to see one another so you can just move to the recliner while keeping the SKYPE™ connection and receive the suggestions by voice.

Oh, and the added benefit, of course, is that SKYPE™ is free of any telephone charges whatsoever!

Some clients prefer telephone because it makes it easier to reveal truly intense, emotional, and private feelings and responses. Others are less technologically sophisticated. Still others want to have their phone sessions away from the family computer. For these distance clients, phone is best.

Whichever you choose, I’m there a hundred and ten percent for you as if you were in my office in Vermont.