My name is Kerry Skiffington and my private practice is called Hypnosis Works. I am a clinical Hypnotherapist with both a DHyp (from the Hypnotherapy Control Board in the UK) and a CHt gained in the US. I live and work in Bristol, Vermont.

In addition to my hypnosis qualifications, I hold a PhD in medical anthropology, with a specialization in alternative heath care. I used to study how people responded to and took care of illness and disease, but shifted gears to become a provider, after I had had great success with holistic medicine.

The reason I started a blog is to give people a way to take a peek into a hypnotherapist’s practice without having to actually cross one of our thresholds before you are ready. I hope this will inspire confidence in your local hypnotist or hypnotherapist (I’m not picky about what we are labelled) and trust in your inner self to make fundamental changes in your life. Because the purpose of life is, in short, to be happy.